Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Kuru Active Footwear Shoes Giveaway

So, my shoes were falling apart a couple of months ago. They had huge cracks down the soles of both of them to the point that you could actually bend them in half. This wasn't a problem for me.

Then, it rained. Every time I stepped in a puddle, or even in wet grass, my feet became immersed in water. Although this was a problem for me, it wasn't a large enough problem to entice me into buying a new pair.

Then, I visited my brother and stepped in a pile of dog poop. Suddenly, the cracks in my shoes became a very large problem. My solution to this was to wear a pair of my fiance's shoes. This worked for a while, but eventually wearing shoes two sizes too large for me became a nuisance. Finally, I broke down and bought a pair of $9 shoes, which is what I am wearing even as I write this.

Today, I discovered the answer to my dilemma. It came to me in the form of this truly awesome giveaway.

Yes, it's true - Feisty Frugal and Fabulous is giving away a pair of Kuru Active Footwear. Head over to her blog and tell her your favorite style of Kuru Active shoe, and you too can hope to be the lucky winner of a brand new pair of shoes - no cracks included.

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